Customs clearance solutions, international freight brokerage services, and a wide range of third party services regarding import and export trade are the objectives of IDL Express.

We are a Brazilian company focused on the client´s total satisfaction, aiming at providing high quality results with credibility, timely services, and better costs.

Who we are

IDL Express is a company specialized in customs clearance, freight brokerage and consulting services for export and import trade companies, doing business in Brazil and throughout the world.

It is a company remarkable for the solid knowhow of its staff, which counts on more than 20 years of experience. IDL professionals are used to each detail of domestic or international trade operations.

Dedicated to the success of the clients, IDL works for all sizes of companies from all kinds of segments, like pharmaceutical, chemical, ore, etc.

Synonymous of reliability, IDL quality services are attested by the fidelity of national and multinational companies that make up its clientele.

How we work

More than being a service provider, IDL Express aims at developing true partnerships with the clients, by creating and executing projects tailored to meet each specific requirement.

IDL´s experienced professionals work together with the client and offer complete services: they learn about the client´s needs, develop studies, plan and help the client execute the planning. A teamwork based on collaboration, transparency, objectivity, accountability, cost-effectiveness, and timely services.

IDL business-oriented task is to achieve solutions focused on results and on the most of the operational productivity, also offering competitive rates and agility.

Confirming this policy, IDL Express has been now working on the ISO 9001 certification.

IDL`s great differential is the way of doing business. The company always try to be one step ahead of the events: anticipating, adapting, moving quickly.



Terms and Conditions

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Social Responsibility

We know that a culture of Social Responsibility is extremely valuable when assessing the moral values in an organization and we are always concerned in establishing the Social Commitment.

We, IDL Express, along with our employees, partners and customers, believe in the importance of supporting Initiatives and Charitable Entities.

Instituto Meninos de São Judas Tadeu:
The São Judas Tadeu parish have the mission to welcome, sustain and educate children and youngsters at risk and personal and social vulnerability through Social Education and Training.

Associação ATEME: Recreational Sports Table Tennis Association offers free classes of table tennis for children in needy communities

Sociedade Beneficente Casa da Esperança (Kibô-no-Iê): Philanthropic Organization for Supporting Intellectually Disabled, which hosts about 80 inmates in Itaquaquecetuba - SP. The maintenance of the Kibo-no-Ie is made by the work of over 90 employees and a team of 40 volunteers. Its mission is to sustain respect and dignity for people with intellectual disabilities, giving them conditions of development, welfare and support to their families for socializing with society.

Donate a Sweater 2014: The campaign "donate a sweater" happened between the months of May and June. With the support of employees, partners and volunteers, IDL grossed over 200 kg of clothes that were given to adults and children in need of the entities: Kibo-no-Ie and APAE (Association of Parents and Friends of people with brain damage)

McDia Feliz: In support of Children with Cancer, IDL supports the campaign McDia Feliz offering its employees a ticket to be exchanged for a Big Mac, on the day of the event. Additionally, in partnership with the Rotary Ponte Estaiada, IDL also sells tickets for all those wishing to participate

Replace Plastic Cups with Mug: This was an internal campaign for Conscious Consumption and Cost Reduction, which aimed to reduce waste, providing benefits to the employees, company and to the environment.

Selective Waste Collection: A Selective Collection Campaign has been implemented in IDL in order to educate everyone about the problem of pollution we cause to the environment. We separate paper, glass, metals and plastics from general waste and direct them to a recycling depot.

LED Light Bulb: In order to promote the rational use of energy in IDL headquarter, we have replaced incandescent bulbs with led due to its energy-saving and long-lasting energy, which has been providing us an economical and sustainable lighting.